How to order from Amazon USA in China

Although there is a local version of Amazon in China, it is not very popular here due to the limited selection of items. Did you know that you can order certain items from the US version and ship your items to China, often for a reasonable fee?

It can be a little tricky to find these items. Here are a few tips for US Amazon shoppers in China.

Step 1 – Select China as the “Deliver to” address before searching.

Before you start your search, make sure you select China as the Delivery address beside the search box.

Screenshot showing China selected as the Deliver to region on the US Amazon website.

Step 2 – Look for items marked as “ships to China”

Even though you specified Delivery To: China in step 1, most of the search results still cannot be shipped to China. To find the items that can actually ship to China, look for the text “ships to China” below the item description.

Screenshot of Amazon USA search results with Deliver To China selected. Only 1/4 products is showing the text "ships to China".

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